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We live in an age so attention-deficit that the President of the United States re-tweets Breitbart headlines as though they were his own thoughts. N.B.: This wasn't the inspiration for the journal, but it's an apt segue.

As a fun little sideshow, I thought I'd take a stab at condensing all the great questions of the universe into mass-marketable potato-chip-sized quoteworthies. Give me a topic, and I'll do my best to summarize it in four words. Since as Confucius sez*: "Many mouths; empty thoughts."

* Brought to you by Alternative Facts LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Breitbart News Network


What schedule?
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Salutations, dear visitor! I am El-Thorvaldo, alias Thorvald of Lym, or simply Thorvald. In whatever spare time isn't consumed by computer games, I draw cartoons. I've been doodling since before I was in school, and while I will probably never make a career out of it, it's a hobby I enjoy and continue to improve upon. I've been told I am also a gifted writer, although I have yet to complete anything worth formal publication. The common topics of my musings include comedy, war and geopolitics, and the fantastical/supernatural, which when taken together have provided the foundation for a number of projects over the years.

Those that know me, know me over at CivFanatics as one of the lead contributors to and de facto boss of the collaborative comic, "DRAW Your Own Story". I'm also an on-and-off participant in the "Imperium Offtopicum" geopolitical roleplaying games likewise hosted on CFC. Most of what I showcase here has to do with one of these two subjects.

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GARDENINGBLOBS Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Ayyy, just curious, what do you think of Mikey's Rastania setting?
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm still trying to pick apart the timeline, though it seems odd that in the face of anti-communist protests and a United Left, communist hardliners would still muster enough support to take on the government by force (although I suppose one can argue a conservative Army brass would side with the Communists). Assuming Russia is as enfeebled as in real life, I'm not sure which countries would be in a strategic or ideological position to back the Sickle Movement, though if the civil war was raging for over a decade I can see NATO getting involved for the sake of regional stability (akin to the latter Yugoslav Wars). My biggest gripe is the casualty count: if the siege of Kin alone claimed over 1.2 million soldiers, we're talking a total death rate higher than several of the Congolese civil wars combined, in a country maybe one-tenth its land size. (Likewise, losses to the interventions in Ukraine and Syria are pegged at tens of millions each—we're talking global total war mobilization levels.) Either Rastanians breed like rabbits, or the country is teetering on the verge of population collapse.

Other than that, though, Rastania works as one of those "Cold War nostalgia without stepping on real countries' toes" expies, and reminds me specifically of Chernarus in ArmA 2. What I call the genius of the original Operation Flashpoint was its ability to communicate a WWIII ground war without actually ratcheting up the stakes to ludicrous proportions (à la Modern Warfare series), and Mikey has ample opportunity to do similar scenarios with this. Likewise, his vision and scope for this prospective game sounds like it wants to combine the functional realism of BIS with the "arcade-y" gamemodes of the mainstream titles—A.K.A. what the history nerds hoped Battlefield 1 would be. I actually had an idea for something similar myself.

I don't think he'll be able to do it in Source, though, unless Half-Life 3 drastically revamps the engine: maximum map size is simply too small for the sort of battlefield-scale matchmaking he intends.
GARDENINGBLOBS Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Mikey and I are working on the lore here and there along with a few other friends. I've been thinking there'd be a very vocal minority that had supported the old communist regime and wanted a form of that for Rastania. The RSM would also be secretly supported by countries such as China( Haven't thought how) and North Korea (lol), but for the most part would have to fend for themselves. Also, NATO gets involved for regional stability, despite the war lasting 4-5ish years since it escalated very quickly. Mikey doesn't really focus on the numbers a lot, but I would like to put the total amount of dead and wounded at around 430,000. True, a bit much, but it works.

Yeah, I'd be thinking the games multiplayer would be a mix between arcade-y game modes but in a realistic fashion. As for the single player, I was thinking the levels would be quasi-open world. You have objectives and the maps are reasonably sized, but you can complete said objective via whatever strategy you want. Going guns blazing, it can work. Sneaking through and tearing the enemy up from the inside, that can work too. Just coerce the entire unit into surrender (supposed to have a minuscule chance of being possible), can work. As for the quasi-part, levels are, as said, reasonably-sized open world maps to decrease linearity, but each appears once since the missions progress normally like any other singleplayer campaign. The levels are supposed to be very long, so hey, it can work out.

I was thinking unity might be a good thing to use instead. It gets a bad reputation for the asset store, but hey, it's a powerful engine that can be amazing if used correctly. I think the player count should be toned down, along with the map size.

Also the singleplayer campaign should have A LOT of care put into its story
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
One way you could do the civil war is similar to the failed coup against Gorbachev: the Communists stage an insurrection in Kin that likewise fails, but destabilizes the government long enough that the Sickle Movement gains initiative over loyalist forces, and from there the civil war proceeds as described. Several hundred thousand casualties over 5–10 years is much more manageable. :p

As an OFP fan, I love the idea of open mission strategy. I'm a modder far more than an original game designer so I can't offer much in terms of technical advice, but as a Slavophile, military enthusiast and amateur writer, if you two ever need someone to bounce ideas off of, just holler. ;)
GenSamus Featured By Owner Edited Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What if Hitler was an annoying teenage girl? :lol:

I think it was Fegelein that was behind making it FEGELEIN :downfall: :meow:
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Better than I was expecting. :p
E350tb Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The comments are an adventure in of themselves.
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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