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"It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

But enough about films with timeless messages that read all the more imperative the closer the world careens toward Trumpidency. God knows I can't keep a deadline to save my life, but here's a run-down of all the projects I want to do before this year is out:

Bullet; Green Fegel-Alert v0.2. I'm beginning to understand why modding projects usually work in teams. Fingers crossed I can finish up the pending version before the next release build... =P On that note,
Bullet; Green OpenRA DYOS Mod. This one got complicated after I realized I'd have to do several graphical sequences myself, and those are tedious as all getout.
Bullet; Green SHTAR WORZ. Woulda-coulda-shoulda got more done in the last couple of months, until I had the genius idea to prod some foreign-language natives for untranslated dialogue. At this rate, it might've been faster to learn Bulgarian.
Bullet; Green Forever Autumn II Trailer Poster. Been owing this to TB for ages now, so it'll probably wind up coloured in recompense. Should at least manage a preliminary sketch before the year's out.
Bullet; Green Für Vaterland II. This one also got complicated after some casual chat with the dev team revealed nobody's working on the campaign map, and I got the bright idea to craft a substitute minimod. The game itself will probably not launch until late in the year if I'm lucky, but keep an ear out for my possible induction into this mod.
Bullet; Green Alternate 2011. I want to get at least another chapter done (because it's been sitting here mocking me for ages—seriously TB, how d'you do it?).
Bullet; Green Roll II Rule. My much-clamoured-for return to hosting IOT is contingent on the conclusion of an unrelated game in progress, so this could take another one-to-two months to finally launch. Speaking of IOT,
Bullet; Green IOT Civ4 Mod. Input has sloughed off precipitously since the last update and I'm basically treading water until someone shoots me something inspired, since I'm not yet ready to start modding religions. Suggestions for as-yet-unincorporated players/memes are most welcome.
Bullet; Green IOT OpenRA Mod. Sidelined in favour of other projects, this doesn't need much more work for a preliminary release, just the time to do it.
Bullet; Green That WWII Fantasy Story TB Started. The next chapter's general framework's been in place for years; I'm just struggling to map out the timeline and get all the details straight.
Bullet; Green Blood Red Dawn. It finishes this year, so help me God.
Bullet; Green Hitler Reviews ep.3. This one's big because it involves an actual plot, so after factoring in various other tasks it might take another couple months to pull together.
Bullet; Green Freeciv Modding. Did a proof-of-concept graphical conversion to the Civ2 Test of Time scheme in preparation for an attempt to resurrect an old IOT-inspired project. Holding out for v2.6, which will hopefully add new controls to better optimize the user interface.
Bullet; Green DYOS. Just DYOS.

P.S.: Remember when Journals had mood emotes? Good to see dA's resolved to keep up the hallowed corporatist tradition of giving less for more.
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What schedule?
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Salutations, dear visitor! I am El-Thorvaldo, alias Thorvald of Lym, or simply Thorvald. In whatever spare time isn't consumed by computer games, I draw cartoons. I've been doodling since before I was in school, and while I will probably never make a career out of it, it's a hobby I enjoy and continue to improve upon. I've been told I am also a gifted writer, although I have yet to complete anything worth formal publication. The common topics of my musings include comedy, war and geopolitics, and the fantastical/supernatural, which when taken together have provided the foundation for a number of projects over the years.

Those that know me, know me over at CivFanatics as one of the lead contributors to and de facto boss of the collaborative comic, "DRAW Your Own Story". I'm also an on-and-off participant in the "Imperium Offtopicum" geopolitical roleplaying games likewise hosted on CFC. Most of what I showcase here has to do with one of these two subjects.

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You'd think with a title like that, the least they'd do is dedicate the whole vid to him... HAV - Henry VIII of England 3 
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