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VRF Infantry for Civ2 ToT :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 6 Katzentruppe for Civ2 ToT :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 10 Obersoldat for Civ2 ToT :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 2 Captain Reynaud for Civ2 ToT :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 2 Female Namibian Infantry for Civ2 ToT :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 12 The Wyrm Has Turned :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 7
HU6 - Cliffhanger
Rain pelts the hapless street below in a machine-gun staccato, so thick one can barely see through to its other side. Anyone sensible remains indoors but for the most crucial emergency; one figure stands defiant in the deluge, peering through the water-curtain to the vague outline ahead. Luckily there are no cars; the constant roar of the downpour drowns out all sound as the stranger lurches over the road and up the stairs to the townhouse. The overhang grants respite as frozen fingers fumble with a set of lockpicking tools. Hasty metal scraping, a clink on cement, a sharp curse. Try again: this time it takes and the figure pushes the door open a little too eagerly, wincing as it slams against the wall. No sound from inside, so it hurries in, kicking it shut before shaking out the wide-brimmed hat. A tall, gaunt man, brown-haired with the stubble of someone that hasn't slept properly for some time.
The hallway, already claustrophobically narrow, tightens further from neverending rows o
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HU6 - Doctor
Dougall awoke one day with something on his head. It was blue and green with an antenna ending in a little yellow bobble, and jiggled like a gelatin cake. He had no clue what it was.
Dougall's friend and decades-long debtor suggested he go see a doctor. Since Dougall worked as a university custodian, he knew how to find all manner of doctors.
The Doctor of Medicine told Dougall that this was a phenomenon completely unknown to the college of physicians, and recommended that in order to obtain a proper diagnosis, he submit himself to a month-long study so that a full analysis of the something could be conducted in order to determine the most appropriate course of action. Dougall replied that he had a date on Friday, and thus could not commit.
The Doctor of Biology told Dougall that the something might very well constitute an organism previously unknown to science, and recommended that in order to study it properly, Dougall take up residence in the labs so that the researchers could exami
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HU6 - Encounter
To the locals, the street was anything but quiet, hundreds of footsteps and rumbling engines the ambient soundtrack to the perpetual motion of a midday commute. To one drop in this sea of pedestrians, however, this noise—this normalcy—represented a unique silence. He was happy for it: he remembered the city in far darker times, one in which actual silence meant nothing but anxiety, the warm-up before a garish symphony none here would willingly attend. Such was the paradox of his career: he was the conductor that hoped never to wave his baton.
He'd retired from that orchestra a couple years back. He'd toured the world on official business; now he was revisiting those stops at a tourist's leisure. Sure, he was a professional, had seen his ensemble through what might very well prove the concert of the century... but he much preferred this amateur noise. It proved the audience had recovered.
Legendary though he was both b
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HU6 - Reboot
Thorvald glowered at the monitor, hands balled into fists perched on the wrist-rest. The deadline was only... actually he didn't know when submissions were due, but Australia was half a day ahead so he was screwed regardless. It had all seemed so simple: tweak the names and identities and the story had literally written itself, an epic cautionary tale about the dangers of manhandling your own fate, the slow erosion of the Shining Hero into so deadly a menace to the space-time continuum that in the end, the universe could only survive by rebooting without him. It had everything: black humour, metaphysics, philosophical quandaries condensed into layman's terms—and even a couple Jasper Fforde shout-outs to boot!
Picture: the gallant knight, leading his nation in victory after victory, risen to the rank of veritable God among men—yet always putting the people first, spurning the pursuit of power for its own sake. But in victory the state grew complacent, and
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At Plot's End :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 1 2 Canadian federal election, 2015 :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 1 2 Sleuths in SPACE! :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 0 2 Dookie practice :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 3 5 Return to Castle Fegelstein beta :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 5 4 Drive it like it's state property :iconel-thorvaldo:El-Thorvaldo 4 9

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The first time I tried playing France, I botched the Entente at Yugoslavia, and despite running roughshod over Libya could not break either the German or Italian lines, at which point I surrendered to online user guides. I tried another three or four times with the turtle-to-'38 approach, but either I'd still stonewall against the Axis, or the Balkans would get rolled, or both. Then I saw a single comment about going for early war and changed tack entirely.

This is my story thus far.

Bullet; Black March, 1936. Germany stations troops in the demilitarized Rhineland frontier in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles. I tell Britain Adolf's not playing square. Neville tells me to sod off. I tell Adolf to get stuffed.
Bullet; Black Oops, it appears I've declared war.
Bullet; Black Twenty-seven divisions to five. Can you spell "land grab"?
Bullet; Black Those Communist rebels are rather neatly packed into an easily corralled corner WAIT WHAT HAPPENED TO AFRICA
Bullet; Black All the colonial troops deployed to Africa have magically poofed to the continent. Guess it's good I left the main fleet in Marseilles.
Bullet; Black tfw the Commune stole half your North Fleet
Bullet; Black After about a week of tying the troops down in pocket fights, I realize their only two cities are completely undefended. TANK RUSH KEKEKEKE
Bullet; Black Rebellion crushed with a total casualty count of six destroyers. Shoulda kept the ships in port and just rushed to Dieppe.
Bullet; Black Now to rush all these motor divisions to the Rhine and OH GOD DAMN IT MORE JERRIES
Bullet; Black Now that the Colonial Corps has debarked in Algeria, it can embark right the hell back to Europe.
Bullet; Black Sure is easier crossing the river when there aren't a bunch of forts in the way.
Bullet; Black Germany is calling up the tanks but I still have numerical superiority. Better yet, there're gaps in the line so I can actually try encirclement this time.
Bullet; Black Maybe I would appreciate the French planning bonus if I wasn't micromanaging every single unit.
Bullet; Black The further we go from Maginot, the longer the front gets. I'm doing a pretty good job of pushing the Wehrmacht over the river, but if I can't start flanking soon this is going to be a pain.
Bullet; Black tfw you've built about four factories because all your production is sucked up by field repairs
Bullet; Black People laugh at cavalry in WWII, but they're great for nabbing open land.
Bullet; Black HoI4 minigame: Stave off frontline attacks long enough to finish off the encircled division.
Bullet; Black It's been months and I don't think I have a single frontline division at full strength.
Bullet; Black tfw the front stretches from Bremen to Munich and you're still holding initiative
Bullet; Black French tank brigades are actually ridiculously fragile, and thanks to supply shortages they're barely reinforcing. They are, however, excellent for rushing empty land.
Bullet; Black I have made a serious strategic error. Since France is technically the aggressor in this war, I can't call Czechoslovakia in support because democracies hate offensive war. That means I'm on my own until Adolf muscles in on the Sudetenland, and that's not 'til September '38. It's still July '36.
Bullet; Black I think I've finally found the weak link. Germany's been filtring troops south for the heaviest fighting, and now the north coast is practically undefended. Crossing my fingers I can rush east before they start calling up reserves.
Bullet; Black I've had to pull out pretty much all air wings before they were completely destroyed, but at this point air superiority isn't Adolf's main problem.
Bullet; Black On the one hand, the Czechs are squandering opportunity not rushing to encircle the Germans. On the other, the strategic situation is the opposite of the Sudeten crisis, so I suppose they can afford to take their time.
Bullet; Black Rushing to link up with Czech territory and cut off like six divisions at once.
Bullet; Black tfw Prague gives you the entire army
Bullet; Black It is now September 1936. The northern front is about to crack, the Czech army is sneaking up the Polish border, and I've just finished off another tank division. Germany holds ~30% of its major cities and we've got double their divisions.

This war might very well be over by Christmas.
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What schedule?
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Salutations, dear visitor! I am El-Thorvaldo, alias Thorvald of Lym, or simply Thorvald. In whatever spare time isn't consumed by computer games, I draw cartoons. I've been doodling since before I was in school, and while I will probably never make a career out of it, it's a hobby I enjoy and continue to improve upon. I've been told I am also a gifted writer, although I have yet to complete anything worth formal publication. The common topics of my musings include comedy, war and geopolitics, and the fantastical/supernatural, which when taken together have provided the foundation for a number of projects over the years.

Those that know me, know me over at CivFanatics as one of the lead contributors to and de facto boss of the collaborative comic, "DRAW Your Own Story". I'm also an on-and-off participant in the "Imperium Offtopicum" geopolitical roleplaying games likewise hosted on CFC. Most of what I showcase here has to do with one of these two subjects.

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GenSamus Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Came across this little gem while observing the remains of NES:…

Not sure if you wanted to add in your $.02 into that thread.
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on that thread.

I maintain NESing died because of the exact same criticisms that got shunted around during the merger proposals: a culture of elitism that set the bar too high for "average" users and actively antagonized what should have been its 'sister city' of IOT—essentially, identity politics became more important than running the actual games. It's probably no coincidence that those forumers that never came back from the Frontier were at the forefront of that clique attitude, whereas the ones that migrated to IOT didn't bear that sort of 'tribal' grudge.

IOT isn't immune from similar problems, but I'd say the same 'casual irreverence' that so incenses Luckymoose et al. is actually our saving strength: Sonereal's stats arms race has been discredited so there's no longer an impetus to produce ever-more-complicated games, and as long as people aren't going out of their way to make a nuisance of themselves (eduhum, VGL, &c.) any skill level is welcome and most players will try to accommodate them.

Think of it as the difference between closed and open borders: the former picks what it wants, the latter makes do with whatever it gets.
GenSamus Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wholeheartedly agree. Though the sad part is, if you posted what you told me in that thread. It will fall onto deaf ears at best or defiantly argue about it and continue in their head in the sand denial. Though in a bittersweet moment, there was a defacto IOT-NES merge with the non-knuckleheads joining IOT games.

I hope that IOTers would take from this and not repeat the same mistakes the elites of NES did. Or the elders of IOT (you, me, and NC) will have to step in ;).
curtsibling Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Have you considered a CIV2 unit graphics group here on DA? It would be a good place to store GFX and a fine library...
I'd be up for being an admin if you found it...
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Heretofore I wasn't sure if there was even any interest. :p But, I'm a meticulous archivist, so I'll do a bit of digging and if no-one's beaten me to it I'll set one up.

On the subject, I've been meaning to propose to the SLeague a sprite index on the wiki. Hardly anything is posted to the Download DB so I'm always re-excavating the threads to find what I need. I'm just trying to figure out the best structure—whether to break up the sheets and sort them by equipment/epoch/nationality or post the pictures as-is and tag everything applicable.
GARDENINGBLOBS Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
Ayyy, just curious, what do you think of Mikey's Rastania setting?
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm still trying to pick apart the timeline, though it seems odd that in the face of anti-communist protests and a United Left, communist hardliners would still muster enough support to take on the government by force (although I suppose one can argue a conservative Army brass would side with the Communists). Assuming Russia is as enfeebled as in real life, I'm not sure which countries would be in a strategic or ideological position to back the Sickle Movement, though if the civil war was raging for over a decade I can see NATO getting involved for the sake of regional stability (akin to the latter Yugoslav Wars). My biggest gripe is the casualty count: if the siege of Kin alone claimed over 1.2 million soldiers, we're talking a total death rate higher than several of the Congolese civil wars combined, in a country maybe one-tenth its land size. (Likewise, losses to the interventions in Ukraine and Syria are pegged at tens of millions each—we're talking global total war mobilization levels.) Either Rastanians breed like rabbits, or the country is teetering on the verge of population collapse.

Other than that, though, Rastania works as one of those "Cold War nostalgia without stepping on real countries' toes" expies, and reminds me specifically of Chernarus in ArmA 2. What I call the genius of the original Operation Flashpoint was its ability to communicate a WWIII ground war without actually ratcheting up the stakes to ludicrous proportions (à la Modern Warfare series), and Mikey has ample opportunity to do similar scenarios with this. Likewise, his vision and scope for this prospective game sounds like it wants to combine the functional realism of BIS with the "arcade-y" gamemodes of the mainstream titles—A.K.A. what the history nerds hoped Battlefield 1 would be. I actually had an idea for something similar myself.

I don't think he'll be able to do it in Source, though, unless Half-Life 3 drastically revamps the engine: maximum map size is simply too small for the sort of battlefield-scale matchmaking he intends.
GARDENINGBLOBS Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
Mikey and I are working on the lore here and there along with a few other friends. I've been thinking there'd be a very vocal minority that had supported the old communist regime and wanted a form of that for Rastania. The RSM would also be secretly supported by countries such as China( Haven't thought how) and North Korea (lol), but for the most part would have to fend for themselves. Also, NATO gets involved for regional stability, despite the war lasting 4-5ish years since it escalated very quickly. Mikey doesn't really focus on the numbers a lot, but I would like to put the total amount of dead and wounded at around 430,000. True, a bit much, but it works.

Yeah, I'd be thinking the games multiplayer would be a mix between arcade-y game modes but in a realistic fashion. As for the single player, I was thinking the levels would be quasi-open world. You have objectives and the maps are reasonably sized, but you can complete said objective via whatever strategy you want. Going guns blazing, it can work. Sneaking through and tearing the enemy up from the inside, that can work too. Just coerce the entire unit into surrender (supposed to have a minuscule chance of being possible), can work. As for the quasi-part, levels are, as said, reasonably-sized open world maps to decrease linearity, but each appears once since the missions progress normally like any other singleplayer campaign. The levels are supposed to be very long, so hey, it can work out.

I was thinking unity might be a good thing to use instead. It gets a bad reputation for the asset store, but hey, it's a powerful engine that can be amazing if used correctly. I think the player count should be toned down, along with the map size.

Also the singleplayer campaign should have A LOT of care put into its story
El-Thorvaldo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
One way you could do the civil war is similar to the failed coup against Gorbachev: the Communists stage an insurrection in Kin that likewise fails, but destabilizes the government long enough that the Sickle Movement gains initiative over loyalist forces, and from there the civil war proceeds as described. Several hundred thousand casualties over 5–10 years is much more manageable. :p

As an OFP fan, I love the idea of open mission strategy. I'm a modder far more than an original game designer so I can't offer much in terms of technical advice, but as a Slavophile, military enthusiast and amateur writer, if you two ever need someone to bounce ideas off of, just holler. ;)
GenSamus Featured By Owner Edited Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What if Hitler was an annoying teenage girl? :lol:

I think it was Fegelein that was behind making it FEGELEIN :downfall: :meow:
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